Shelves with Brackets

Made Traditionally, to British standards

Our solid wood shelves are available with a set of brackets which provide much storage to a kitchen, bathroom, living room and office space, and can be fitted to a solid wall or plasterboard wall quickly.

Shelves with Brackets can be super adaptable in their usage

Fitted to with solid walls, wooden shelves with shelving brackets can be used for a variety of purposes, from displaying pictures and ornaments to heavy-duty storage.

Consideration should be made for the weight of the bespoke shelf, how the wall shelf will be used and the type of wall the shelving is fixed to.

The shelf brackets come in a range of styles from industrial, rustic, traditional or a  modern contemporary shelf support.

Installing a Bracketted Shelf

Installing shelves with wall brackets is a relatively simple job, but it does require some preparation and the right tools.

When choosing your solid wood shelf, consider where you want to place the shelf and, if fixing to a plasterboard / false wall, find your studs using a stud finder. Fixing holes can be placed as needed on your new bespoke shelves.

If fixing to plasterboard, the metal shelf brackets should be fitted with anchor fixings for strength and support.  Depending on the type of shelf you choose, and the use for your solid wood shelves, you may need additional wall shelf supports.  When fixed to the wall of your choice with the included hardware, the shelf sits on the shelving brackets and is fixed with the provided screws.