Concealed Floating Shelf Support Brackets

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Concealed Floating Shelf Brackets available in 80mm, 100mm and 120mm lengths

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For the installation of floating shelves into solid masonry walls, such as brick, stone, block or into timber studs where these can be found behind plasterboard walls.

Hidden fixings are available in 80mm, 100mm and 120mm pin lengths.

Designed to hold up to 35kg per pair of fixings.


  • 1 x Washer
  • 1 x Wall Plug
  • 1 x Steel Concealed Floating Shelf Bracket

These concealed floating shelf brackets are easy to install for a competent DIYer or tradesperson – ensure your floating shelf has a pre-drilled Ø 12.5 mm hole to slide onto the fixings.

  1. Mark on the wall, with a pencil, where your brackets will fix into your wall – ensure these match with the holes in the rear of your shelf.
  2. Drill a Ø 10 mm hole and insert your wall plug
  3. Slip the washer onto the screw thread.
  4. Screw the shelf support into the wall plug.

The screw is attached to the supporting pin slightly off centre to allow for minor adjustments. To make the adjustments when fitting the shelf:

  1. Install the shelf on the supports as far as the knurled section.
  2. Use an SW 10 open-ended wrench to adjust the bracket.
  3. Push the shelf on the brackets all the way to the wall.

100mm Concealed Bracket, 120mm Concealed Bracket, 80mm Concealed Bracket


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