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Solid Ash Floating Shelf
Ash Wood Shelving for your home 1024 707 Editor

Ash Wood Shelving for your home

Wood is a natural, living material with unique and imperfect characteristics. The textures and grain of solid wood bring the outside, into your home; here we talk about Ash wood.

Ash (Fraxinus Americana) is a hardwood broad leaf tree, which grows both in Europe and North America & comes in a number of variations, creating distinct grain patterns and hardness. This makes the wood strong and durable, and its light tones make it the perfect timber for shelving in modern, contemporary interiors, such as homes with a Scandinavian / Nordic twist.

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The straight smooth grain in Ash wood makes it the perfect base for personalising with a stain. A clear wax finish will protect the wood while keeping the pale hue. When oiled, Ash darkens to closely resembles oak, but without oak’s more prominent grain.

Solid Ash Floating Shelf

Solid Ash Floating Shelf

At Premier Shelves, we are able to handcraft the perfect solid Ash wood shelves for your home or commercial space to enable you to create a light, airy storage solution.