• 12th March 2019

New Website Launch for 2019

Solid Walnut Shelves in a Kitchen

New Website Launch for 2019

New Website Launch for 2019 1024 768 Editor

In the last 10 months we have been redeveloping our website, to bring it into the ‘modern age’.  Our last site worked well, but this new one is far more superior for our customers.

Take a look through the new products we have, new photographs, and even enter your specific dimensions to get the exact sized floating wooden shelf you have always wanted.  Our team work tirelessly to bring you the finest quality shelving, as well as bespoke shelving, when your requirement is just a little bit more special!

We produce shelves in varying wood types and stains, and finishes.  Our team is the best in class, and will produce you something that will last you for generations.

If you just want to call us, and go through your specific needs, our phone number is 01205 280189.  It’s a geographic number, so none of that additional costs for 0844 style numbers.

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