Bespoke Shelves


At Premier Shelves, we create bespoke custom shelving for many clients; these shelves are wholly unique as they have given us their specification for their person design.

Be it with inset LED lighting, or curved shelving that wraps around something else within the room.  Maybe shelving that must be exactly fitted within an inset of a wall.

Shelves with lighting

This customer required shelving to be made to their own colour style, and to include LED lighting into the wood, with the appropriate electrics to wire it into their sockets.

We can make these with the lighting, or with the holes required for you to add these at your discretion.

Varied formats of custom shelving

Our shelving has been fitted around fireplaces, radiators, inset into existing cabinets and fittings.

Some shelves are not even used as shelves at all, as shown in one of the photos here.  Very rustic, with amazing attention to detail.

Custom Shelving: nothing we cannot make

Our Custom Shelving services are pretty special.  If you have an area for which you need a unique shelf, unlike any other, contact us toward and let us know your exact requirements.